Jazz version of Game of Thrones

Never thought listening to Game of Thrones could be so relaxing.

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Microsoft Office for IOS and Android is here

Have you installed it?  what are you waiting for it’s FREE!  You can check it out here for IOS and Android.


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Whiskey infused coffee beans

Here’s a great combo, some smart chaps got some coffee beans and aged them inside bourbon barrels, over time, the oaky flavor would infused into the beans thus giving it a whiskey like aroma.  These beans are roasted and then packaged fresh and sold as Whiskey Barrel Coffee.  Yummy stuff, check it out here.

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I’m so sorry I cheated on you… Nexus

Yes, I’ve done the deed, I have cheated on my Nexus 4.  My lover is none other than my ex, the iphone.  Why, because I’m fickle and I like to play with new things, in this case, apps.  What I have noticed since using my Nexus or Android device is that most companies would first develop an app on the iphone.  Being the bleeding edge person that I am, I can’t help but try these apps, that way I know if it will be a hit before it becomes mainstream and is why my iphone is still getting constant usage.

I can understand why developers would prefer the iphone as a first choice and here’s my reasoning:

1.  Fragmentation  – IOS 7 installed rate have reached over 80% of all ios devices which supports it, as for Android, it is left  to the handset manufacture to decide, of course unless you have a Nexus device or Google play editions of phones.  For a developer, this may become frustrating as it will involve more than coding to cover all versions of Android and screen resolution.

2. Monetisation – I don’t know why but I much prefer to spend money via the Apple App store than using Google Play store, maybe because it’s habit since I started with itunes to buy music for the past 8 or so years therefore I’m so used to the process.  So as a developer, I will pick the platform which can make me the most money.

3. Security – Many might argue this but my point is that Apple have a tighter control over the App store, so as a consumer, I am more trusting to install an IOS app and knowing it will probably be safe. As a developer, this may have an opposite side since Apple have such a grip on the App store, there is a chance the app will get rejected.

So, my trusty iphone 4S is still getting plenty of love and with great new apps like “Paper” from Facebook, I don’t see it getting retired anytime soon.  If the new iphone 6 that is coming out this year sports a bigger screen, I will seriously consider switchingIMG_20140216_131040 back.


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Bored on a train? Do this.

Great way to kill time on a long commute.  He’s got plenty more, check it out here.

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Dell Venue Pro 8

As my PC is on the brink of death, I’m hunting around for a replacement.  So what sets out to be a laptop replacement is becoming of a tablet upgrade.  During my search I came across a new breed of 8″ tablets that is running Windows.  Yes, you probably think I’m crazy as why would I want a windows machine and in a tablet form factor.  The thing is that these new window tablets are running FULL version of Windows 8.1 and not the crappy windows RT.  This means all the windows software that I own can be used on this 8″ Tablet!

Which also makes this thing my laptop replacement.  Well, since its still in transit, I’ve yet to try it out but based on all the YouTube post reviewing this device, I’m sold, also I got it cheap at the Microsoft store for a promo price of $220 (32gb) for the Dell Venue Pro 8.

You must think how can I use this tiny screen to do anything on it.  Well, I’ve discovered there’s these devices call USB host which can use the USB port on the tablet and convert into USB ports/LAN/video outputs.  So all I need to do is plug it to a monitor with keyboard/mouse and its a full desktop.

I can’t wait for this beauty to arrive as I always wanted to upgrade my 3 yrs old ipad.  Anyway, you can check out this tablet here.


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Happy New Year 2014!!!

Happy New year to you all!!  This year I hope to post more on my blog, well, try to anyway as ever since I started using G+ I tend to post more to that.  Wish everyone a prosperous and safe journey for the year.  Take care!!


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