Blackberry Storm

Did some black friday shopping and went into a Verizon store to check out the new Blackberry Storm.  Played with it for a good 10mins, I must said, it’s a very sleek machine.  The built is fantastic and the screen is beautiful.  The OS is a bit slow at time, actually, the OS is quite slow, when you hit the “phone” button, it takes a good 5 sec before the keypad shows up.  It seems that you have to wait abit for every app to start whenever you hit a key.  The auto-correct is not that fast either.  The new screen button is interesting tho, I don’t really mind it, it sort of makes it more realistic when you press a “key”.  Overall, not a bad phone, until they improve the speed of the OS i would’nt put money on it yet.  I can see great potential but I think we need to wait abit longer before the phone fully matures.  Here’s a great review from Engadget.


Blackberry Storm

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