Palm: Pre

If you haven’t heard by now, Palm have just announced their latest smartphone handset call “Pre”. One word, UNBELIEVABLE!  Everyone in the world (including me) had doubts about Palm coming up with something great to challenge the already super crowded mobile market.  But I think they did it, this is by far the most gizmo smartphone I have seen, even beating the iphone.  Hardware wise, it’s got everything, bluetooth (Stereo), aGPS, Wifi, 3mb Camera, LED flash, touchscreen (multi-touch), nice form-factor.  But the killer feature is actually the user interface, named WebOS , there’s nothing like it.  It’s entirely based on webkit which means everyman and their dog who knows web programming can make an App for it.  I don’t have time for details so you can check out all the hype regarding this phone (Try engadget or gizmodo).  I think I’m in love again.  Check out the official Palm Pre here.


Palm: Pre

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