Apple: ipad

Apple have done it again, today they announce their new product: the IPAD.  That’s right, it’s a giant iphone, enuf said.  And what do you get for a giant iphone.  A bigger screen, at 1024×768, comes with a 1Ghz A4 processor, Apple’s very own, also bluetooth and wi-fi with 3G support for some extra cash.  Not sure how much RAM it has but the capacity is between 16Gb to 64Gb SSD.  No external USB or media-card reader, the only input is the standard 30-pin iphone/ipod plug.  At least there’s a 3.5mm stereo plug.  Well at $499 it’s not that expensive, in fact for $100 less you can pick up a ipod touch 64Gb at $399.  Will I buy it… maybe but only to play with it, I would still prefer a netbook for proper day-to-day usage.  Some hands-on at Engadget here.

Apple: ipad

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