Seiko’s E-Ink watch

I think E-Ink is a great technology, I’m waiting for the day where actual newspapers are made of the stuff.  Anyway, Seiko the watch maker is releasing an E-Ink watch, looks great, I can see it taking off.  Check out the video starting 3:15.

Seiko’s E-Ink watch

2 thoughts on “Seiko’s E-Ink watch

  1. Seiko Arctura Kinetic Chronograph

    This watch is a wonderful and stylish timepiece. The Condition I received the item in was impeccable; it looked as though I was the first one to open the box. Amazing watch, amazing price. I would defiantly recommend purchasing this particular watch from this vendor.

  2. 200m Flight Chronograph
    Produt did not come with apropiate maunual. I had to download it from seiko’s web page.
    It is smaller than it appears on photo, but all in all its a nice watch.

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