New ipods all across the board

Today Apple announced their new range of ipods, from the shuffles to the nano to the touch.  Starting from the shuffle, which used to look like a stick of gum now goes back 1 generation with buttons.  I guess the people have spoken, they want buttons, nothing special there.  The nano on the other hand is brand new with a multi-touch screen and a smaller form factor.  Also known as the mini-me of the touch.  Personally, I probably will give that a miss and I much prefer the previous version as it has a larger screen and camera.  Lastly the new touch, this is by far the best iteration of the multi-touch device.  It now supports the retina screen like the iphone4 and also have the front & back cameras.  Facetime is now possible via wifi and runs the A4 processor too.  I have been hanging out on this as I was thinking of either getting the iphone4 or wait to see that the new touch was like.  I’m glad it went my way, I’m happy now.  Check out all the features here.

New ipods all across the board

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