Google+ is here

What is Google+, well picture Facebook and Twitter married and had a love child, that is google+.  I was lucky enough to get an invite and has been playing with it.  The interface is very facebook-ish with Status update and your Feed/Stream in the middle.  The great new feature of + is your circle of friends.  Basically you can group people into “circles” and you can then select only to post/receive from these circles.  For example, you can have a Co-worker circle and a Family circle so if you post family photos into one, the other will not see it.

The other feature is called Hangout, this is similar to group chat with video, so you start a hangout session and your circle of friends can join in.  Kind of fun if you don’t mind showing your ugly mug to them.  Sparks is similar to google reader where you pick interests you want to see news for, example is you like food, your stream will be fill with Food related news and so forth.  And the usual Photo/Video upload to picasaweb, if you have an Android phone, you can also set it to auto-sync so that every photos you take will automatically sync to picasaweb.

Overall, it’s a good alternative to Facebook and I can see myself using this over facebook as i very much like the idea of Circles (this is somewhat the goup/list feature in Facebook but done really well.)  You can signup for a invite here.

Google+ is here

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