18 grams

For the pass year I’ve learnt to appreciate a good cup of coffee. Now everywhere I go I would try and source the best place for a great cup. So I am in Hong Kong and obviously would love to try some coffee. That’s where I ended at 18 grams, a little coffee shop tucked in a smallish corner in Causeway Bay.

My reference coffee is the Latte and that’s what I ordered.


I must say, living in Melbourne which yields some of the best coffee ever, this coffee falls a bit short. I believe it’s the milk the did not do the trick, it’s not as smooth and creamy as I normally find in a good Latte. Still, this coffee is still better than the average Starbucks or Pacific Coffee that’s littered around Hong Kong. I would give it a 3 out of 5. There’s plenty of space for improvement. You can check it out here.


18 grams

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