Hong Kong essentials : Food

Eating has always been a passion for me ( my biggish tummy can vouch for that). I’m a big fan of street food or “home grown” food where it’s local to the area. So when I come across a shop that specialised in Wonton and Congee (Chinese rice porridge), my heart stopped. I have found lunch Nirvana! For less than AUD$5 you get a bowl of Wonton noodles ( with 5 wontons in it! Woot!) and a bowl of preserved egg with pork Congee.

By far one of the best meals I’ve had so far in Hong Kong. The Wontons were crunchy and fragrant, the soup stock was light and savory, the noodles are just so tasty with that right bounciness you find with well made noodles. The congee is out of this world, the pork tasted sweet (in a good way) and salty with the preserved egg complimenting the ultra smooth congee. It can’t get any better. thinking about it just makes me want to go back there now.


Hong Kong essentials : Food

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