Apple IOS 6

I have an iphone 4S, like every iphone user, we all wish we had the dough to upgrade to an iphone 5.  But sadly, that has not happen (yet).  So the next best thing is to have the iphone 5 experience, which is IOS 6.  Upgrading to IOS 6 is a pleasure, yes, I said pleasure, this is because it is the most hassle free process ever.  All you do is say “Yes” to the software upgrade under settings and your phone will begin the journey, and about 1.5hrs later, boom, there she is IOS 6.

So, how does it feel, well, exactly like the previous version, there isn’t much of a difference at first as everything looks and feel the same.  It’s only when you start using it, then you get the “new” experience, some good, some bad.

The most obvious is Youtube, it’s gone, you now need to download the official Google Youtube app from the App Store as it no longer comes pre-install with IOS6.  Which by the way is pretty good compared with the old Youtube app, go play with it and you’ll see.

Now, the new Map App which is Apple’s attempt at making Maps and my first impressions, it looks nice.  All the essentials are there, the 3D feature is nice but after playing with it for some time, it’s more gimmick than useful.  The turn-by-turn is a great addition, that is the one thing I hated about the old Google maps on the iphone is the lack of voice assisted navigation.  The problem with it is the search results, many time I would search for some business and it returns nothing, which is both disappointing and annoying.  I have not seen the problems many others have observed with streets names and locations.  Overall, I prefer the old Google Maps.

The camera app now comes with panoramic, which has been pointed out by many of my Android using friends  that it’s been around for some years.  Better late than never I say.  It’s easy to use but one annoying thing is that it pans from left to right only, why can’t we pan the other way too Apple, why?

There is now a “Do not Disturb” feature where you can schedule no pickups during certain time and also reply calls with a pre-defined Txt like “I’m in a meeting” or “Piss-off, I dun wanna talk righ now”.  Passbook, which is a new app that don’t work in Oz is pretty much useless at the moment.  Also, SIRI got an upgrade, meh… didn’t notice any difference.

What else, oh, they change the GUI of the phone App, looks ok I guess.  So, that’s it, IOS 6, go update now!!  You have nothing to loose, except Google Maps and Youtube….

Apple IOS 6

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