Rococo: Best Pizza ever?

I’ve had my fair share of Pizzas in my life and to date I cannot recall a place where I really truly praised a Pizza like the ones I had at Rococo.  This place has been around for awhile and is famous for their Pizzas but this is my first time here.  It’s a classy joint and they do other great Italian dishes but I was there for their Pizzas.

So let’s get straight to it.  We actually had 3 but in the excitement of getting the first one, the camera phone didn’t get the chance to capture it.

Pizza ONE: Tonne

The white Pizza where the base is mainly cheese with a variety of Mushrooms and herbs as toppings.  Super tasty with a thin crust and crunchy ends, probably the best of the 3, highly recommend it.

Pizza TWO: prosciutto di parma

The red pizza where the base is mainly tomatoe where generous amount of thinly sliced prosciutto is sprinkled with cheese and herbs.  Good solid bite with hint of sourness from the tomatoes.  Again with thin crust and tasty ends.


Pizza THREE: Tuna

You don’t usually find fish as a topping on Pizza as it tends to get soggy and breaks up too easily.  In this case, the chunks of Tuna (actually it looks alot like sausage meat) does in fact lifts the profile of the pizza to something else, the bitterness of the Rocket leaves compliments it well.  It is different but in a good way and it sure is tasty.


If you are in Melbourne and in St. Kilda, you got to try the pizza at Rococo, you will not be disappointed, it’s a bit pricey but definitely worth it.

87/91 Acland St
St Kilda, VIC 3182


Rococo: Best Pizza ever?

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