AntennaPod: a podcast manager

I love listening to podcast, in fact, I listen to podcast a lot.  Now that I have switched to Android, I have been searching for a good free podcast manager app to replace itunes on the iphone.  I like to emphase on the word ‘Free’, I believe there are many great free Apps there waiting to be discovered and I have made a pledge to find them all (in other words, I’m a cheap skate…).

So after trialling a few ‘Free’ apps (many of these have a paid version with the ‘Free’ portion crippled) I finally settle on a simple yet fully functional podcast app call AntennaPod.  All I wanted was an app that will pull my feeds every time a new episode appears and this is exactly what AntennaPod does.

You subscribe to all your usual podcasts and hit refresh, that’s it, all done.  You can set it check for new episodes and to auto download.  You can set the time intervals to check for updates and also set it check/download only on wifi (thus saving on your data plan).

The only problem I have with this app is to search for podcast, you need to enter the url of the feed, I tried using the search feature but it just can’t seem to find the podcast I want. All in all, a good solid free podcast manager that everyone should try.  May not be the prettiest but a great little app to check out on the Google play store here.

2013-03-28 12.57.16

AntennaPod: a podcast manager

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