Google Glass is here

Google Glass, the wearable internet is finally here.  The first batch of glass have been release to developers and so far they all seem very happy with the device.  For those who do not know, google glass is basically a pair of glasses where a display device is located just above the right eye where information like images, data, text can be shown.  Imagine a window where information is displayed on to it along with the outside world.


So how about the specs?  The display has a 640 x 360 resolution with a 5MB camera capable of recording at 720p.  There is 16GB of storage but 4GB is reserved for the OS.  Sound is transmitted via conduction through your bones!!  How cool is that, no need to wear headphones.  there is wifi and bluetooth for connectivity and when you pair the glass to an android phone, you can access it’s GPS and SMS too.  Charging is done via usb and should last about a day.

So far, all the info on the net are mainly people taking videos and pics from the device, sort of like a bird’s eye view of their world.  I am not sure if I want to broadcast my life this way, I am sure it may come in handy to capture special moments or events but this means I will need to wear this thing all the time.  I do see some benefits especially for navigation as what I normally do now is to check my location on google maps constantly when trying to find a place.  It would be great to have this information available all the time without me looking at my phone.

If you are the type that constantly keeps up with notifications, this would also be a great tool, not sure how distracting it may get tho, google have warn users to be careful while driving with glass on.  I can see potential in this device especially in the medical field or any work that requires information to be available in front of you but it could also be a distraction in many ways.  Anyway if you are interested please can check it out here.

Google Glass is here