Dell Venue Pro 8

As my PC is on the brink of death, I’m hunting around for a replacement.  So what sets out to be a laptop replacement is becoming of a tablet upgrade.  During my search I came across a new breed of 8″ tablets that is running Windows.  Yes, you probably think I’m crazy as why would I want a windows machine and in a tablet form factor.  The thing is that these new window tablets are running FULL version of Windows 8.1 and not the crappy windows RT.  This means all the windows software that I own can be used on this 8″ Tablet!

Which also makes this thing my laptop replacement.  Well, since its still in transit, I’ve yet to try it out but based on all the YouTube post reviewing this device, I’m sold, also I got it cheap at the Microsoft store for a promo price of $220 (32gb) for the Dell Venue Pro 8.

You must think how can I use this tiny screen to do anything on it.  Well, I’ve discovered there’s these devices call USB host which can use the USB port on the tablet and convert into USB ports/LAN/video outputs.  So all I need to do is plug it to a monitor with keyboard/mouse and its a full desktop.

I can’t wait for this beauty to arrive as I always wanted to upgrade my 3 yrs old ipad.  Anyway, you can check out this tablet here.


Dell Venue Pro 8

New iphones are here!!

Every year around the September period, there is always some buzz in the air as Apple usually launches a new phone.  This time round they release 2 new phones, Iphone 5C (color) and Iphone 5S (it used to stand for Speed when the first ‘S’ appeared on the 3GS).  Anyhow, what can you expect from these 2 new phones?  Let me break it down in a few words:

Iphone 5C – Same as the iphone 5 (2012) but now comes in colors (5 to be exact), only thing new inside is that it now supports more LTE Bands.

Iphone 5S – Looks exactly the same as the iphone 5 but now with a faster processor (A7), new camera/flash, fingerprint reader, 64-bit processing and another new chip M7.  Oh, it also now comes in Gold (bling bling!!).

Apart from the new phones, the OS also saw a major upgrade to IOS7 which is a complete re-haul of the whole operating system.  I did manage to installed in on my iphone 4S just to see what the fuss is about.  Well, first impression is that it is very different visually.  It feels like a complete do-over, some good some bad.  If you are interested in the details there are many review out there to read about it, I can’t be bothered really.

Anyway, my initial impressions are positive, the new control center and notification is a good welcome, the color scheme, not so much.  Well, I’ve only got it for 2 days so still learning more about it.  Any do check it out here if you own a iphone 4 and above.











New iphones are here!!