Microsoft Office for IOS and Android is here

Have you installed it?  what are you waiting for it’s FREE!  You can check it out here for IOS and Android.


Microsoft Office for IOS and Android is here

AntennaPod: a podcast manager

I love listening to podcast, in fact, I listen to podcast a lot.  Now that I have switched to Android, I have been searching for a good free podcast manager app to replace itunes on the iphone.  I like to emphase on the word ‘Free’, I believe there are many great free Apps there waiting to be discovered and I have made a pledge to find them all (in other words, I’m a cheap skate…).

So after trialling a few ‘Free’ apps (many of these have a paid version with the ‘Free’ portion crippled) I finally settle on a simple yet fully functional podcast app call AntennaPod.  All I wanted was an app that will pull my feeds every time a new episode appears and this is exactly what AntennaPod does.

You subscribe to all your usual podcasts and hit refresh, that’s it, all done.  You can set it check for new episodes and to auto download.  You can set the time intervals to check for updates and also set it check/download only on wifi (thus saving on your data plan).

The only problem I have with this app is to search for podcast, you need to enter the url of the feed, I tried using the search feature but it just can’t seem to find the podcast I want. All in all, a good solid free podcast manager that everyone should try.  May not be the prettiest but a great little app to check out on the Google play store here.

2013-03-28 12.57.16

AntennaPod: a podcast manager

My Nexus 4

Yes folks, I am now an Android user (again), ever since the Nexus One back in 2010 I have been using the Apple iphone from the 3GS to the 4/4S and finally the iphone 5.  No, I’m not a rich bum it’s just that I get to choose a phone for work and when a new iphone comes round I would raise my hand.  So after spending 4 months with the iphone 5, I was bored with it and now really intrigued with the new line up of Nexus devices from Google.  That is when I caught my eye on the Nexus 4, this is the latest (well it’s now about 4 months old since it launch on mid November) Android device running on a smartphone from google.  Made by LG which I must say would not be a choice of company I would normally buy from.

So, why did I switch?  Simple, the screen size and keyboard, I always wanted a bigger screen for my phone as it just gives you so much more real estate and everything looks bigger!!  The new 4″ screen on the iphone 5 was a welcome relieve but after spending some time on it, it still pales when compares with any other smartphone.  Second, the keyboard, Apple does have a decent keyboard but Damn that autocorrect, it just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.  With Android, you get to choose from a hugh variety of keyboards, I have settle with the stock Android 4.2 keyboard with swipe-like gesture for typing.  You know what, I’m loving this swipe thingy, it really makes typing so much quicker and most importantly, it just so cool to use.  It feels like playing a game of Fruit ninja if you know what I’m talking about.

2013-03-27 09.46.11

Well, it is now week 3 with the Nexus 4 and I’m now really getting into the hang of it, the Android may take abit of getting used to as now you can customised to your heart’s content.  So this is my quick run down on the pros and cons considering there are about a billion reviews of this phone out there.


  • Speed, this phone is fast, like iphone fast kind of fast, transition is like butter (punt intended) and apps opens quickly.  I’m amazed at how well the phone runs with so many apps opened in the background.
  • Stocked Android OS, this means this phone gets the latest and greatest software updates as soon as Google releases it.  I love it.  With the latest 4.2 release, some of the camera features are really awesome like photo-sphere.
  • Design, I must admit this phone is beautifully built, it has a great fit and finished and feels great in the hand.
  • Customisation, out with the boring icons like pages in the iphone, all Android phones are made to be completely customisable.  Over time, I will try out some of the great Home screen customisation as found on
  • Google integration, this phone is one of the easiest phone to setup, all you need is your Gmail account and Boom, everything you ever did with Google apps like G+/Picasa/Reader/Gmail/Docs/Maps are all there and setupped once you go pass the login screen.  Well, this may not be a feature if you do not use Gmail or many of the other Google apps.
  • Price, you cant beat an unlocked smartphone with all the tech trimmings at a great price of USD$299 (16GB version).


  • Battery life on this phone sucks, although it claims it has a 2100 mAh battery but with constant usage of the phone, you will probably only last 3/4 of the day til it runs flat.  Also, the battery cannot be replaced since the back is sealed.
  • Glass back may become a problem as it can be scratched and break easily (similar to the iphone 4/4S)
  • No memory expansion, if you are like me who likes to try out new apps all the time, you may find the phone filling up rather quickly.  With only 16GB on internal storage, it may become a problem if you have lots of videos or photos on your phone.
  • Camera quality, one thing the iphone has and still beats every other phone is the camera, no other smartphone comes close to the quality of the iphone camera.  Sad to say, the Nexus 4 only have a passible camera, it does not take good low light photos and most of them comes out grainy.

2013-03-20 13.39.32

One of my major concern about using an Android phone was the Apps that I have grown to lived without on the iphone, this is no longer a problem as I was able to find the same App or find a great replacement app in the Google Play store.  All in all, I’m very happy with the switch and so far the transition has been very seamless and smooth, looking forward to all the Android goodness in the coming future.  Checkout the Nexus 4 here.

My Nexus 4

Augen Android Tablets/PCs spotted again

Spotted these at a local K-Mart, first is the 10.2″ Augen Genbook running Android 2.1, on the side it says resolution to be at 800×600 and cost $189.99.  The second is the Genbook at 7″, not sure if it’s running 2.1 as it doesn’t say on the box and cost $109.99.  Last but not least, the Augen Gentouch 7″ Tablet running Android, again not mentioned which flavor and cost $179.99.  There seems to be some in stock so if you’re out for a cheapo Android device, get them while they last.




















Augen Android Tablets/PCs spotted again